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The (W3C) is run by Tim Berners-Lee and his team, often they are ahead as to what is possible for web design.

Web browsers tend to be behind in adapting to the standards set by the (W3C).

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Welcome to Christopher's designs, here you will find a sample of my work, feel free to look around and make contact if you have any questions. I have been coding on and off for about 5 yrs. Recently I decided to upgrade my skillset by taking courses at the ITT Technical Institute on how to code in a professional environment, this has opened my eyes to the possibilites and opportunities that exist within the web design field.

Upon completion I will have obtained these additional skills: XHTML, HTML5, CSS, CSS3, Java, JavaScript and Mobile application design and development.

In the technology field things move pretty fast and I intend to stay ahead, therefore I will continue to improve my skills and push boundaries looking for new breakthroughs.

I'm partiucarly excited about mobile internet technology - this is the future. It is estimated that more people will access the internet via their mobile phones than on a desktop computer by late 2014. Estimates suggest that 75 percet of mobile users take their phone to the bathroom with them.

People want to be connected and keep up on what's going on, this is your opportunity to offer them solutions to their issues and problems. Whatever solution they might need, mobile is the medium of choice people are using to search for answers. Having your marketing message in the mobile environment means you will meet your customers on their own turf.